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14 May 2022


In order to revive the economy of the community in Pengotan Village, Bangli Regency, Bali Province, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to carry out an innovation program to solve these economic problems. The business most affected by the pandemic in Pengotan Village is the cut flower business, where one of the MSMEs engaged in this field is the Keboenku MSMEs. They experienced a very significant decline in turnover, which was caused by the wasting of 350 to 500 cut flower stems per day due to the absence of a buyer so that the cut flowers passed their selling period and had to be discarded.   The innovation carried out is innovation in the form of providing training to improve the creative economy of rural communities by optimizing the existing resources in Pengotan Village, namely dried flower innovation. Activities carried out include training activities to identify the types of cut flowers that can be dried, learning how to dry flowers and how to create new dry flower product creations such as flower bouquets, brooches, coasters, key chains, and other products. The training program was attended by Keboenku MSMEs employees and the Pengotan Village women’s group who were members of the PKK group.  The training was conducted offline, through 2 (two) methods, namely lecture and discussion methods, namely introducing the importance of dried flower innovation in the use of cut flowers and conveying the types of dry flower innovations that can be produced. The second is the practical method, namely by inviting participants to practice directly using machines in the flower drying process and produce new products with higher selling values. It is hoped that the training participants can continue the flower drying process and be more creative in producing products with the flower drying process. With such conditions, it will certainly have a positive impact on improving the economy of the Pengotan Village community in a sustainable manner.

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30 April 2022

MSMEs Financial Aware: Successfully Managing Finances for MSMEs

The UMKM Network Webinar Series was held online on Thursday, March 31st, 2022 with the theme “MSMEs Financial Aware: Successfully Managing Finances for MSMEs”. The event was opened by Dr. Muji Gunarto, S.Si., M.Sc., as Dean of FEB Bina Darma University Palembang and Chairman of FMI South Sumatra. The first speaker was Mr. Johanes Pungky D.H., S.T.P, M.M., Micro Financial Advisor, he underlined that it is important for MSMEs to be disciplined in separating business money and household money and keeping financial records even though the simplest one. The next speaker is Dra. Rita Suryawati, M.Si, Secretary of the Department of Cooperatives and Micro Enterprises of Mojokerto Regency, explained the direction of policy in the MSMEs sector in terms of HR, access to financing, marketing, business licensing, and MSMEs empowerment programs.


The last speaker was Mr. Muchamad Bashori, Micro Banking Cluster Manager of Bank Mandiri, who explained that the government supports MSMEs in terms of funding through Bank Mandiri and in terms of assisting business innovation through the Rumah Kreatif BUMN. He also explained the types of MSMEs financing along with the simplified application requirements.


This webinar was organized by HR 24/7 and the Indonesian Management Forum (FMI) with Mr. Erwien Rahadiyanto, S.Si., M.PSDM. as moderator accompanied by MSMEs facilitator Ms. Nisfatul Izzah, S.E., M.A. from Widya Mataram University Yogyakarta and Ms. Nurhasanah, Chairwoman of the ‘Aisyiyah Entrepreneurs Association Blitar City.

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23 April 2022

Insurance Philosophy for MSMEs

Insurance is a financial instrument for self-protection and risk transfer. However, this insurance philosophy can be adapted as MSMEs business strategy to welcome the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal, of course, is simple for MSMEs, that is, don’t let another tragedy happen even if a crisis comes. In other words, if the crisis hits again, MSMEs will not immediately go out of business.


To adapt this philosophy, MSMEs need to apply strategic tactics to be resistant to any threats. First, MSMEs must transfer risk. This risk transfer can be done by owning a business in a different field, having multi-functional production equipment, having various distribution and sales channels. This tactic will help MSMEs not to rely on a single resource alone.


Second, MSMEs need to allocate emergency funds. This emergency fund is a fund that is prepared to be able to carry out 2-3 times monthly operational activities even without obtaining income. Even though it is heavy, emergency funds can give MSMEs time to think and make plans to deal with a crisis that occurs without immediately going bankrupt.


This insurance philosophy also allows MSMEs to understand the availability of free cash funds so they can invest without worrying about business operational conditions. The application of this philosophy also helps MSMEs entrepreneurs to act more wisely, rationally, and not reactively to situations that occur. Crisis may occur, but do not let it become a tragedy.

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09 April 2022


Participating in strengthening MSMEs, the Management Department of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) routinely carries out the Unpar Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) Program led by Ms. Triyana Iskandarsyah, Dra., M.M. SCORE is a program initiated by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Unpar got to know the SCORE Program in 2016 through the Business and Export Development Organization (BEDO) with Mr. Jeff Kristianto as Program Manager and Mr. Januar Rustandie as Project Manager of SCORE Indonesia.

I participated as a trainer and coach in the Unpar SCORE Program. One of the micro-enterprises being assisted  is ‘Erica Ngecoz’. ‘Erica’ is taken from the name of business owner Rika Novianty and ‘Ngecoz’ is a Sundanese term meaning ‘to sew’. From her passion for sewing, Ibu Rika has opened a handicraft business, making ‘busy books’, ‘storytelling corners’, and customized products with special themes, such as food replication, medical props, etc. In the assisting process, a new product called ‘storytelling gloves’ appeared.

The handmade ‘busy book’ product is in the form of a book from flannel sheets, each sheet is decorated for motor education for children, such as: tying shoelaces. The 1mx2m cloth ‘storytelling corner’ is decorated as needed. Also ‘storytelling gloves’ with different characters on each finger. All of them are educational literacy teaching props for PAUD teachers. While doing business, Ibu Rika also helps educate the early childhood.

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02 April 2022

UMKM Network “Biotechnology: Future Prospects of MSMEs”

This UMKM Network webinar was held online on Thursday, February 24, 2022 with the theme “Biotechnology: Future Prospects of MSMEs”. The first speaker was Mr. Khairul Ikhsan Effendi, owner of “Amplang Agro “ who shared how he increased the value of the local snack product “Amplang” in terms of packaging and digital marketing. Then Mr. Amak Muhamad Yaqoub, CEO of PT. Spiralife Biotechnology Indonesia explained about the benefits of microalgae, investment potential, and the challenges of the microalgae business in Indonesia, which is still importing from developed countries, even though geographically Indonesia is a suitable area for microalgae cultivation.


The next speaker is Mr. Perry Angglishartono from Jamu Iboe who tells about the journey and transformation of Jamu Iboe so that it can last for 112 years which inspires that success is not instant. The last speaker represented the Director of Processed Food Standardization of BPOM RI, namely Mrs. Yusra Egayanti, S.Si, Apt., M.P. and Mrs. Yeni Oktaviany, S.T.P., M.P. who explained that BPOM has a mandate to ensure food safety, including food from the application of biotechnology to ensure that food circulated and consumed by the public is safe, quality, and nutritious. This guarantee is carried out through the establishment of regulations and supervision.


This webinar was organized by HR 24/7 with Mr. Erwien Rahadiyanto, S.Si., M.PSDM. as a moderator accompanied by MSMEs Fasilitator Dr. Dorothy Rouly Haratua Pandjaitan, S.E., M.Sc. from the University of Lampung and Dr (c). Pwee Leng, S.E., S.H., M. Kom. from Petra University Surabaya.

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