Several of my partners and I have collaborated with HR 24/7 in various trainings and webinars. I thank you for the professional collaborations by HR 24/7 team – always keep on updating, arranging neat schedules, skillful in technics along with broader connections. Hopefully there will be many parties who wants to have a collab to enjoy with HR 24/7 team like what I have experienced.

Thank you to HR 24/7 team for joining the SERVICE EXCELLENCE IN HOSPITALS training: ASN Competency Improvement: Service Excellence for Medical Personnel in the New Normal Era and SERVICE EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE OF ADMINISTRATION: ASN Competency Improvement: Service Excellence for Administrative Personnel in the New Normal Era for all health workers in Mojoketo Regency. Thank you for your cooperation which made this training successful from start to finish.

A global platform that can unite multi stakeholders on an interesting topic.

We need help and collaboration with HR 24/7. This is important so we can cover our shortcomings.

HR 24/7 (HR in Hospital) has succeeded in becoming a bridge between those who need information & services to those who can provide it. Keep up the innovations, team HR 24/7.

HR 24/7 provides you a platform to learn from any different expertize local and globally.

I am very proud of the HR team who are also graduate of Human Resource Development Postgraduate School of Airlangga University because they are able to hold international collaborations that prove that learning is cross-border, both geographically, linguistically and can exchange ideas between countries. Many thanks to HR 24/7 for facilitating an event platform that we can use together to do online learning.

What an amazing training, I followed from morning to finish. Alhamdulilah , if you see the responses of the HR 24/7 training participants, it’s amazing. I give the thumbs up.

I think this webinar held by HR 24/7 is an extraordinary event. Because in terms of the enthusiasm of the participants who have been very international. This means that apart from domestic participants from Sabang to Merauke, there are also participants from other country like Africa , Asia , Latin America and New Zealand. Webinar held by HR 24/7 is an event that perhaps needs to be developed to become a learning model, especially to develop internationalization in human resource development.

The HR 24/7 event will open global insight into the world of work for Vocational School graduates so that cross-cultural issues that occur in the future can be observed wisely. I invite all levels ranging from practitioners, academics, and students to take part in this useful activity.

The themes of good seminars that HR 24/7 has held are about world changes and how to respond to these changes with a positive perspective.

Its an honour for Diponegoro University to welcoming all the participants from all ovee the world and throughout Indonesia who attend the international webinar : Behind The Cross-Cultural Issues of HR in 21st Century. International webinar held by Vocational School Universitas Diponegoro in collaboration with HR 24/7.

HR 24/7 responds to the needs of the current situation by presenting webinars topics that are packed tightly, clearly, and impactfully so as to provide insight for the participants.

HR 24/7 delivering fresh and updated issues on HR, business and management, presenting experience that encourage audiences to keep learning.

A solid team that is highly dedicated to achieving the goals of organizing an event. Asante sana HR 24/7.

Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast. I hope that HR 24/7 can make a big change.