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07 July 2021

Improving the Competence of Civil Servants as Medical Personnel, Are they already Really Competent?

The HR in HOSPITAL webinar for the SERVICE EXCELLENCE IN HOSPITAL program was held on Tuesday, June 6, 2021. This time the webinar presented the topic, INCREASING CIVIL SERVANT COMPETENCE: SERVICE EXCELLENCE OF MEDICAL PERSONNEL IN THE NEW NORMAL ERA. Present as speakers were Prof. Hans Wijaya as CEO of National Hospital, Ikfina Fahmawati as Regent of Mojokerto, and Prof. Kusnanto as Nursing Manager of UNAIR Hospital.    Hans stated that a hospital (RS) that is following the wishes of the community will not occur if the hospital only works according to “as long as boss is happy”. Hospital services must please patients or the community, and not serve the interests of superiors. Several RUSD in Indonesia also still prioritize bureaucratic culture over public services. There are many irregularities where government-owned hospitals are still prioritized for the interests of bureaucrats and hospital echelon leaders, rather than using pure facilities for the community.    In line with this, Kusnanto explain that efficient and effective hospital management is an absolute requirement for hospitals to provide optimal services. If hospital management is less than optimal, it will have an impact on the productivity of hospital employees in serving patients and the community. He also stated about the obstacles to hospital services in Indonesia, namely that doctors who have high capabilities tend to be in big cities and tend to charge expensive tariffs. In addition, doctors with these abilities have the right to choose patients. This will be very detrimental to the community if a situation such as the current pandemic occurs, where doctors with high skills are needed to treat people indiscriminately.    Hospitals in Indonesia certainly need to change, where professional management is needed to lead a hospital so that it can be separated from the bureaucratic culture as long as boss is happy. In addition, hospitals need to highlight high technology as a marketing attraction, always try to find breakthroughs with new products, be aware of the competition, as well as facilities and facilities that prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction. The focus & ultimate goal of hospitals, especially government-owned hospitals, is the customer or patient satisfaction, not on the orientation of bureaucratic interests.    

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01 July 2021

Millennials, Digital Literacy Modern Generation, What about Their Mental Health

Hospital of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Campus C held a webinar for the EXPERT TALK program on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. This time the webinar came with the topic, 101 MILLER NEAL’S MENTAL HEALTH. Present as speakers were Dimas Aryo Wicaksono as UNAIR Faculty of Psychology Lecturer, Damba Bestari as Mental Medicine Specialist at UNAIR Hospital, Lintang Elin Massita as UNAIR 2021 Ambassador, and Firman Syauqi MHS as FK UNAIR 2020 Ambassador. 


As a welcome speech, Prof. Nasrodin as the Director of UNAIR Hospital also said a little about millennials who will take an important role in the nation in the future. Indonesia has a variety of islands with a large population. Indonesia also has a large youth demographic bonus of 70-90 million. In addition, he mentioned UNAIR Hospital as an innovation center for young people, which is not only in the health sector but also makes UNAIR Hospital another object. One of them is hospital tourism, micro media center, robotic development, and craniofacial reconstruction. 


Meanwhile, Damba argues that mental disorders are rarely found was a myth. One in four people in the world suffers from a mental disorder. There is no difference between introverts and extroverts on susceptibility to mental disorders. The need for friends or other people to tell about the problems experienced is a way to increase mental immunity against mental disorders. Damba also stated that humans are still said to be mentally healthy if they still have a purpose in life. How humans can adapt to changing conditions is an event to maintain mental health. 


  Regarding the millennial and Z generations, Dimas argues that in the work environment, the two generations are considered by the previous generation as less committed, often changing jobs, and difficult to manage. But in reality, both generations suffer from a serious mental burden, coupled with poor sleep quality. “Especially during a pandemic like now, the millennial generation is more depressed due to the issue of recession, the collapse of the job market, etc. In addition, career pressure also adds to the stress of the millennial generation,” said Dimas.



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12 June 2021


Ahead of the new normal era due to the covid-19 pandemic, many companies should be aware of changes to various forms of their corporate strategy. Therefore, in this discussion forum Santi Talk raised a theme that is “NEW NORMAL, NEW INTERNAL COMMUNICATION STRATEGY? THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF INTERNAL COMMUNICATION IN THE COMPANY’S EFFORTS TO DEAL WITH THE CHANGING TIMES”. There were several speakers such as Niken Racmad, and Imron Zuhri as speakers this time.


In a discussion forum with Santi Talk this time, Niken Racmad explained his material about the huge changes in the era of pademi covid-19 as it is today. One way to keep going, then the basis is to keep up with the times by continuing to innovate. He also said that communication is not just what we discuss when there is a problem that arises, but this communication is what we should often do to come up with a way out and innovation. Even from this communication will appear a variety of ideas, both from the bottom and the top.


In its own contribution, communication can convey information smoothly by individuals who are capable of managing it. Then this culture of dialogue is one of the most powerful directions for resolving a conflict. Basically this internal communication is more important from different sides. 


On the other hand, the next speaker Imron Zuhri expressed some of his opinions about the company’s efforts in dealing with the changing times. Imran argues that Employee participant and Continues Learning can be supported objectively in the company so that the company can survive. Both things must be entered and communicated, stored in order to know what to do until the completion. Then the understanding of communication channels should also need to be improved in accordance with the era of global digitalization.


In addition, the benefits of internal horizontal communication are cutting decisions, making people more productive and effective in time, reducing the risk of failure or delay. On the other hand, in terms of its own negativity where leadership is needed it leads to anxiety and insecurity about who is truly responsible. Then when the situation needs to happen, and silo approach to provide individual interpretation and business strategy of bidding.

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04 May 2021

Halal Lifestyle, a New Breakthrough of Industry in Global Market

The Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) launched a new podcast variant to fill the days of the holy month of Ramadan. This time, the first podcast of The Sharia is entitled “Underground Issues of Halal Lifestyle”. Present as speakers were Dr. Yono Haryono as Senior Economist and member of the MUI National Sharia Council BPH, Umi Waheeda as PP Al Ashriyyah Nurul Iman and Board of Trustees of the Islamic Boarding School Economics and Business Association (HEBITREN), and Dr. Muhammad Nafik H.R., S.E., M.Si, as General Chair of the Board of Management for the Council of Islamic Economics (MASEI) and Host The Sharia. This event will be held on Monday, May 3, 2021.

Umi explained that halal is not only about food, but also fashion. “If we wear fashion that is made of non-halal materials, it will be difficult for us to worship and be anxious in life,” he said. In addition, a lawful lifestyle invites several indirect benefits to individuals, namely gaining the blessing of Allah, forming morals, bringing peace of life, maintaining health, and obtaining a blessing for both the world and the hereafter.

Meanwhile, Yono explained that Indonesia has a lot of potential for halal products which are supported by the majority of the largest Muslim population in the world. However, Indonesia is still unable to compete with Malaysia in global halal products. This is actually related to the lifestyle between the government which focuses on halal policy and the lifestyle of a linear society. Malaysian products even have halal certification globally, which is still difficult to find in products in Indonesia.

In the field of Islamic finance itself, the results have not always been encouraging. It is considered that there is something wrong with the implementation of the Islamic finance master plan in Indonesia. One of them is building a good banking system with luxurious facilities but forgetting to focus on implementing how Islamic finance can empower the economy of the poor. Meanwhile, to develop the halal industry into a lifestyle, it must be focused on the community first. One of the most basic is the preference for choosing necessities, such as staple foods that are halal certified.

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11 October 2020


During the face of the covid-19 pandemic, of course, many changes are massive, especially to our mental and everyday personalities. On this topic, International Webinar held a discussion forum with the theme “Managing Stress in Vuca World” on Saturday, October 10, 2020. Some speakers were present such as Berta Esti Ari Prasetya, S.Psi., MA. (Dean of Faculty of Psychology at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Salatiga), Dr. Tarita Shankar (Chariperson at Indira Group of Instisutes), Dr Ichlas Nanang Afandi, S.Psi., MA. (Lecture of the Department of Psychology at Universitas Hassanuddin’ Expertise in Social Psychology), Dr Yajyoti Singh (Developmental Psychology & Sp Educator).


In accordance with this theme, Dr. Tarita Shankar revealed that the management of stress levels against ourselves during the pandemic basically depends on how we manage different sides of ourselves. Some of the problems that can certainly help in the future during the pandemic period such as today, one of which is discipline towards ourselves which is an important quality personally. Then good health also affects discipline and mental health. Not only maintain mental health alone to maintain our stability, but in the sphere of health psychology should not escape from the improvement of skin. In addition, self-confidence in various situations is one of the mental that must be maintained and also developed in the state of the deified as it is today.


In addition, Ichals Nanang Afandi also said that in experiencing crises and social changes like today of course we must know how we deal with them such as accepting crises and social change as reality, fostering empathy, obeying compliance such as applicable health protocols. On the other hand, Dr. Yajyoti Singh said that the emotional level is very high at the moment as a result of losing their jobs, away from the family as a result of panedmi covid-19. To keep mentally and keep going we don’t have to look back, but looking at what lies ahead, that’s the most important thing.

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13 September 2020

Hard Truth of Change Management

The world of management has a myriad of strategies and certainly a variety of knowledge, especially to improve a management in an organization. International webinar this time raised a theme that is “Hard Truth of Change Management”. Attending were prof. Uichol Kim, PhD, (Professor College of Bussines Administration Inha University, Korea).


Some opinions from the speakers as conveyed by Hilman Wirawan that three issues such as the impact of leadership in the organization, organization changes the current discussion, and future research. These three things have their own risks and certainly have some solutions that may help an organization such as training employees or members to increase credibility and flexibility, then restoring employees’ psychological resources such as organizational support or increasing psychological capital.


On the other hand, Prof. Uichol Kim explained about change management. Quoting from the father of management, Peter Drucker about the future “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. Creativity here is needed, some great figures like Steve Job with his smartphone, he can control the future and come up with an idea by making the first smartphone of his time.


In addition, he also explained about management. What is management? Management does things right, and leadership does the right thing. By uniting a team in one move, do the right thing and do it well. Then in the business sphere, business is an activity that increases profits as long as the business remains within the rules of the game. To survive in the game we have to have two purposes only such as marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation make money, generate sales, and make a profit.


In the field of marketing he said that marketing is not a function, just like the whole business seen from the customer’s point of view. Each place has a different marketing strategy. like Elon Musk with his tesla company and Steve Job with his smartphone. Both parties certainly have different marketing but still maintain quality. The main resources in economic development are people, not raw materials that develop the economy.

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16 August 2020

Applied Positive Organizational Psychology

The International Webinar was held again with the theme “Applied Positive Organizational Psychology”. Present at this webinar were Vicki Cabrera (Expert in Positive Organizational Psychology, Claremont Graduate School, Executive Committee of International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), Work and Organizational Division), Prof. Dr. Hj, Sri Iswati., S.E., M.Sc., Ak, (Director of Postgraduate School Universitas Airlagga), and Anton Sudarisman (HR ad OD Expert, Postgraduate School UNAIR, Former Senior Manager HR and OD Newmont Mining).


Several informants expressed their opinion, Vicki conveyed about Positive Organizational Psychology which was explained into several parts. The first part is an appreciative investigation of such a collaborative, strengths-based approach to change using positive questions. He also conveyed a good principle that change requires positive questions and leads to social bonds. All positive elements affect major changes overall for all parties.


In addition, in Psychology itself, the main character is the self. As stated by Vicki that we have an important role that has several parts in the influence of our own Positive Psychology, such as hope in us who are able to achieve the desired goals in order to succeed. Then there is Self-Efficacy, which is belief in our ability to place efforts to succeed in a target. Then there is optimism, we must believe in ourselves from the present point to the future.


Building Psychology it self is an important thing, as well as making big plans for the future such as setting clear goals or goals for ourselves intelligently, measurably, achievable, based on relevant time and also the milestones for goals. to measure how far we are progressing. Then think of the most effective way to deal with various kinds of problems that will come later so that we stay focused on what we can and see the situation and then make a realistic plan to deal with it.

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05 July 2020


Some significant changes from the development of the era of globalization as it is today is a huge stepping stone for mankind from various sides. In this webinar, the theme “CHANGE THE WORLD WITH A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE” was raised. There were several speakers such as Nadiya Afifah Nigata Ramadhani (Bachelor of Psychology, Consultant HR at TATA Consultancy Service India), Rizki Aqdami Kurnia (Bachelor of Statistic : Training Division Staff at Directorate Human Resource Airlangga).


Some speakers expressed their opinions about the changing world in terms of positive consequences of globalization, Purnawan argues that the influence of globalization changes both in terms of negativ and positive has a very wide influence. The origin of this great change is the creativity of creative and innovative people to keep up with the changes. As an example of the development in terms of modernization of public services. just like online motorcycle taxis that used to be just mangkal in the base can now be brought to our place. In addition, from cooperation between countries that can make regulations by making mutually beneficial agreements such as sending or exchanging labor. By building relationships between organizations, we have automatically made slow progress towards the oragnization.


On the other hand, Nadiya Afifah Nigata talks about how to be part of diversity. Some of the differences are divided into three things such as prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination conflicts, and violence. Diversity deversity is a powerful tool to prevent social issues that occur in recent times, especially because of diversity. In the field of industry and organization itself many open recruitment from various countries that automatically have differences, and from here it is created homogeneous. However, from this diversity, an organization has a good performance.


In addition, Aqdam also argues that as millennials we should have soft skills, hard skills, and core skills. These three things are a form of millennial needs in the current era of globalization. in addition to skills for millennials we also need grit, grit which is a combination of perseverance, pashion has an active role in the current era of globalization.

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