09 July 2021

The Right Strategy in Managing Personalization to Improve Service Quality

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The webinar SERVICE EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE OF ADMINISTRATION held on Tuesday, June 6, 2021. This time the webinar comes with the topic, INCREASING ASN COMPETENCE: SERVICE EXCELLENCE OF ADMINISTRATIVE MANPOWER IN THE NEW NORMAL ERA. Present as a speaker was Fanny Dhaniswara as a Personality Development & Certified Personality Energy Trainer. The CEO of National Hospital, also present to give a speech, namely Ikfina Fahmawati as the Regent of Mojokerto. 


Dhani explained the theory about the four dominant colors in serving customers. That theory states that green means good relationship, yellow means innovation, red is execution, and blue is strategic. However, in serving customers, human resources (HR) should not only focus on one color. It is necessary to use various colors, so that there is a balance in the service. For example, people who are too creative usually tend to get away from procedures. On the other hand, people who follow procedures too much tend to be less creative. Therefore, it is necessary to balance between practicing procedures and creativity, so that there is a balance. In this case, the use of yellow is combined with blue so that there is a balance in service or service to the community. 


In addition, Dhani also mentioned that service excellence must meet four basic criteria, namely recognizing one’s potential in service, fostering empathy, providing service, and communicating assertively. This right is so that the challenges in running excellent service can be overcome. Dhani said that to win the hearts of customers, HR must start with empathy for what the customer needs. Then HR determines the right way to meet customer needs. Then the HR/employees of the company plan and start what kind of services should be provided. Then an evaluation is also important to see to what extent customers are satisfied after receiving services from HR.



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