05 March 2022


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Talking is free. Means that there will be no consequences for our account balance to decrease automatically, when we “misspoke”. It is wrong to cause another person to be angry, offended, or disappointed. Instead of motivating, we trigger fights.


Because speaking is a right, we often find people speaking freely without considering the consequences. Especially in the current era of communication technology, where the speed of spreading messages is getting higher. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately?) that freedom still needs to be applied responsibly. When any negative impact arises, it is the result of what we say. Therefore, instead of every speaking causing a negative impact, it is better to practice speaking properly, right?


Every time we want to open the mouth, start practicing to think about the intentions to become a role model. Think about the impact before speaking. Even if it turns out to be wrong, apologize humbly.

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