08 February 2022

HR in Hospitals: Communication Skills in Healthcare

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HR 24/7 in collaboration with the Airlangga University Hospital and the Faculty of Vocational Studies at Airlangga University held an HR in Hospitals webinar with the theme Communication Skills in Healthcare – Applied Inter-Industry Collaboration with Ms. Desiree Muntu (Accountant & Business Consultant), dr. Muhammad Ardian C.L., Sp.OG(K)., M.Kes. (Manager of Medical Services at Unair Hospital), and Ms. Dian Yulie Reindrawati, S.Sos., MM., PhD. (Head of the Hospitality Management, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Airlangga University) as speakers with Mr. Erwien Rahadiyanto, S.Si, M.PSDM. (Co-Founder HR 24/7) as moderator.


Medical disputes and malpractice cases often stem from poor communication. Medical services providers are now starting to realize the importance of communication and hospitality to improve service quality by learning from the hospitality and banking industries.


Effective communication tips that were shared by the speakers included recognizing the other person (gender, culture, education), listening more than speaking, and focusing only on the other person.



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