29 January 2022

Dredging Pamekasan Gold (Potential, Benefits, and Processing of Pamekasan Ginger)

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Indonesia is known as a country with abundant natural wealth. One of them is spices and medicinal plants that are efficacious. Pamekasan Emprit Ginger is one of Indonesia’s leading vegetable natural resources which only grows in the Pamekasan area. Its efficacy are better than the other ginger variety, namely elephant ginger and red ginger.


Through a webinar organized by FOLIUM (General Literacy Forum) in collaboration with HR 24/7, the public gains insight about processing ginger into innovative and varied foods, apart from being used as spices and herbal medicine (traditional medicine). The ginger innovations include dry ginger, instant ginger, pickled ginger, ginger syrup, ginger coffee, ginger chocolate, blue ginger (ginger and telang flower (Clitoria Ternatea), and ginger cookies. This food innovation adds to the variety of healthy food modifications from empon-empon. In addition, this modification can also be used as a business idea to improve the regional economy.



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