05 July 2020


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Some significant changes from the development of the era of globalization as it is today is a huge stepping stone for mankind from various sides. In this webinar, the theme “CHANGE THE WORLD WITH A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE” was raised. There were several speakers such as Nadiya Afifah Nigata Ramadhani (Bachelor of Psychology, Consultant HR at TATA Consultancy Service India), Rizki Aqdami Kurnia (Bachelor of Statistic : Training Division Staff at Directorate Human Resource Airlangga).


Some speakers expressed their opinions about the changing world in terms of positive consequences of globalization, Purnawan argues that the influence of globalization changes both in terms of negativ and positive has a very wide influence. The origin of this great change is the creativity of creative and innovative people to keep up with the changes. As an example of the development in terms of modernization of public services. just like online motorcycle taxis that used to be just mangkal in the base can now be brought to our place. In addition, from cooperation between countries that can make regulations by making mutually beneficial agreements such as sending or exchanging labor. By building relationships between organizations, we have automatically made slow progress towards the oragnization.


On the other hand, Nadiya Afifah Nigata talks about how to be part of diversity. Some of the differences are divided into three things such as prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination conflicts, and violence. Diversity deversity is a powerful tool to prevent social issues that occur in recent times, especially because of diversity. In the field of industry and organization itself many open recruitment from various countries that automatically have differences, and from here it is created homogeneous. However, from this diversity, an organization has a good performance.


In addition, Aqdam also argues that as millennials we should have soft skills, hard skills, and core skills. These three things are a form of millennial needs in the current era of globalization. in addition to skills for millennials we also need grit, grit which is a combination of perseverance, pashion has an active role in the current era of globalization.

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