16 October 2021

The National Bimtek Training and Certification for UMKM

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The enthusiasm of the participants of the technical assistance for SMEs was very high where the event was attended by 42 participants from 17-18 November 2021, exceeding the quota which previously only for 30 participants. On the first day the event was opened by Prof. Dr. Cholichul Hadi, Drs., M.Sc., Psychologist (Human Resources Foundation Board of Trustees), Tuanku Aria Auliandri, SE., M.Sc. (FMI East Java) and Dr. Koen Irianto Uripan, S.H., M.M. Then it begins with the first topic that was Applying Occupational Health Principles to Control OHS Risks, Guiding the Application of Tools, Techniques, and Methods to Increase Productivity, Ways of Communication, Conducting Negotiations, then the event on the first day ended with the last topic that was Conducting Assistance in the Preparation of MSME Business Plans.

On the second day, the materials provided were Assisting in the Implementation of Basic Management of Micro and Small Business Management (UMK), Performing Problem Identification and Needs Assessment (Needs Assessment), Assisting MSMEs, Assisting in Making Company Profiles for MSMEs, Providing Assistance in Compiling Reports MSME Finance, Assisting in Access to MSME Financing, Assisting in Compiling Business Feasibility Studies, and ending with Making MSME Assistance Plans and Assessment Reports on MSME Assistance Results.

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