26 February 2022

Pecak Bandeng Sensation

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Hunting for delicious  food without afraid of cholesterol, find it at Taman Jaya Ujung Kulon restaurant.


The sensation of pecak bandeng without thorns and pindang head fish without coconut milk is hard to forget. The typical pecak bandeng sauce is prepared following the local cultural heritage. Pindang fresh fish heads with selected spices adding the enjoyment of your lunch. Another menu that is also sensational is sweet and sour prawns, grilled shrimp and prawns in Padang sauce. This kind of fresh vaname shrimp taken from a shrimp pond on the coast of Ujung Kulon, its really chewy with right selection of seasonings. For those  who like sea fish, there are also fish cakes that are baked or fried in crumbs, grilled squid smeared with special spices according to customer tastes.


This restaurant, which was founded in 2012, also serves other Banten specialties such as karedok, savory corn bakwan, tamarind vegetables and other menus.

The location is on the west Cilegon toll road access, Cilegon Banten city 087808188179.


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