20 January 2022

Micro Small Medium Enterprises

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MSMEs (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) are one of the driving forces for Indonesia’s economic growth. This sector contributes significantly to our nation’s economic growth.MSMEs are flexible and easily adaptable to the current development. The establishment of an MSMEs is also quite fast and simple. When a new trend emerges in the market, can quickly adapt to the then market development.


However, the question here and now is how do MSMEs survive during this COVID-19 pandemic?


All sectors are affected by the pandemic, including MSMEs. Some of the difficulties faced by MSMEs are target achievement (due to lack of customers) and procurement of raw materials and slow movement of distribution as a result of mobility restriction.


There are, though, a number of solutions for MSMEs to tackle the pandemic, among others, to utilize digital marketing through social media, to utilize e-commerce and to implement delivery order. MSME business actors also require technical guidance, training and certification to support the existence of their businesses to thrive and overcome changes in the condition of businesses.

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