14 January 2022

“Guyub Rukun Kumpul Bareng” Alumni Gathering & Formation of the Airlangga University Alumni Immunology Family Association

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Immunology is an educational program with a Masters level which was inaugurated by the Director General of Higher Education in 1993. This study program also plays a role in the development of human resources who are independent, creative, innovative, and master in science and technology in the multidisciplinary field of immunology, and are able to compete at national and international levels. In 2021, it will be 26 years since the alumni have dedicated their knowledge in the field of immunology both at home and abroad. The purpose of forming the UNAIR Immunology Alumni Family Association (IKA) on December 21, 2021 with Dr. Arif Rahman Nurdianto, dr., M.Imun as the elected chairperson is to establish relationship between Airlangga University Immunology alumni and their families. In addition, IKA can build the quality and image of the Immunology study program. IKA is also expected to maintain cooperative relationships with government and non-government agencies. Therefore, the establishment of the IKA is important because it will provide benefits for alumni of Immunology and Airlangga University. This event was held thanks to the support of HR 24/7.



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