05 January 2022

Comunication Skill to Strengthent the Way You Lead

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A good communication is a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a good leader. Effective communication & leadership are closely intertwined. Leader need to be a skilled communicator in countless relationships at the organizational level, in communities , groups, sometimes on a global scale in order to achieve results through others.


Santi Djiwandono In Comunication Skill to Strengthent the way you lead with Binus University said that a good comunicator must have ability to Identify patern in conversation that lead to conflict such as blaming others, defensive, predict the failures and sarcasm. And they should know how to transform communication by building awareness from ourself or others then transform it into action, To identify someone’ s hindrance in communicate is by asking right question can make them feel comfort to gain trust and get more information from them. Last but not least you need to be an effective listener.



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