12 February 2022

Character Building ” Effective Coaching Mentoring Skill”

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Coaching and mentoring have become one of the most effective methods of learning and development strategies in companies/institutions. Coaching and mentoring provide benefits for personal, as well as professional development, helping to build positive and concrete change individually, and increasing the transfer of knowledge from coaches or mentors to individuals.


Mr. Bobby Meidrie in “Effective Coaching – Mentoring skill” character building training, conveyed that there are three elements of direct communication (face to face): 7% of meaning comes from the words spoken, 38% of the meaning comes from the intonation of the voice, 55% comes from facial expressions or body language.


Non-verbal elements are very important for communicating feelings and attitudes. Message recipient believe in the more dominant form of communication, in which non-verbal communication has a percentage of 38 + 55%, more than the literal meaning of words (7%).



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