21 September 2021


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In the digital marketing era, of course, millennials will benefit greatly considering the current digital era can make it easier for millennials to compete for many benefits. In the world of e-commerce itself, there are many different models that are applied. One of the most popular in e-commerce is affiliate marketing. There is a lot of discussion about becoming an affiliate. There are those who equate affiliate with the term salesman, but of course the term given is wrong.


     Affiliate marketing is a business with a commission system for someone’s services after that person successfully sells merchant goods or services through marketing on the internet. Merchants here do need the services of other people to sell these products. So that later the affiliate will get a commission from the sales according to what was agreed.


    There need to be certain provisions for the strategy that will be applied in affiliate marketing because it does have three parties who must be connected in affiliate marketing in the affiliate marketing process such as sellers and product makers, affiliates or advertisers, and consumers.


     Basically, these three components have their respective roles that are interconnected so that later they can create engagement with the audience or potential customers, so that they can be interested in the product being promoted. However, in general, affiliates are unlikely to use the same marketing strategy. There are several marketing methods, such as influencers, where they have the ability to create engagement with potential buyers, and later on, of course, these influencers will also get a commission from the sales they have made.


     Then some ads on several blogs are also part of affiliate marketing. Where bloggers have the ability to create engagement that can influence consumers by creating articles that will later lead to a link to a product to be advertised. Then there is email marketing. Maybe email sounds very traditional, but email marketing is still one of the partners for various products to display merchant products that will later be promoted. In addition, the marketing method via email can also use the email newslater method, where later the hyperlinks of the products to be sold are interconnected with the email newslater.


     Some people have had success with their affiliate marketing using various ways of their affiliate marketing market. So as for some tips or ways to create customer engagement that continues to grow, including knowing the target audience, then making it personal, reviewing products and services, using multiple sources, being selective in choosing products, and always following trends in society.

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