07 July 2021

Improving the Competence of Civil Servants as Medical Personnel, Are they already Really Competent?

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The HR in HOSPITAL webinar for the SERVICE EXCELLENCE IN HOSPITAL program was held on Tuesday, June 6, 2021. This time the webinar presented the topic, INCREASING CIVIL SERVANT COMPETENCE: SERVICE EXCELLENCE OF MEDICAL PERSONNEL IN THE NEW NORMAL ERA. Present as speakers were Prof. Hans Wijaya as CEO of National Hospital, Ikfina Fahmawati as Regent of Mojokerto, and Prof. Kusnanto as Nursing Manager of UNAIR Hospital. 


Hans stated that a hospital (RS) that is following the wishes of the community will not occur if the hospital only works according to “as long as boss is happy”. Hospital services must please patients or the community, and not serve the interests of superiors. Several RUSD in Indonesia also still prioritize bureaucratic culture over public services. There are many irregularities where government-owned hospitals are still prioritized for the interests of bureaucrats and hospital echelon leaders, rather than using pure facilities for the community. 


In line with this, Kusnanto explain that efficient and effective hospital management is an absolute requirement for hospitals to provide optimal services. If hospital management is less than optimal, it will have an impact on the productivity of hospital employees in serving patients and the community. He also stated about the obstacles to hospital services in Indonesia, namely that doctors who have high capabilities tend to be in big cities and tend to charge expensive tariffs. In addition, doctors with these abilities have the right to choose patients. This will be very detrimental to the community if a situation such as the current pandemic occurs, where doctors with high skills are needed to treat people indiscriminately. 


Hospitals in Indonesia certainly need to change, where professional management is needed to lead a hospital so that it can be separated from the bureaucratic culture as long as boss is happy. In addition, hospitals need to highlight high technology as a marketing attraction, always try to find breakthroughs with new products, be aware of the competition, as well as facilities and facilities that prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction. The focus & ultimate goal of hospitals, especially government-owned hospitals, is the customer or patient satisfaction, not on the orientation of bureaucratic interests.



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